Joburg Ballet BackaBuddy


In the face of a global pandemic and financial uncertainty, Joburg Ballet could have followed the path of so many other companies that faced closure but instead, we have undertaken to lift our heads high and to walk tall through the miasma of fear and start acknowledging that Covid-19 has affected everyone.


Joburg Ballet has been fortunate through this time in the assistance given by the City of Joburg and other sponsors, donations and finding work through various corporate performances and we would be amiss not to help those in need.


Joburg Ballet is invested in the art of classical ballet as much as it is in the future of this country. Therefore, teaming up with Teddy Bear Clinic for abused children made perfect sense, and a beautiful relationship was born.


Joburg Ballet, through its BackaBuddy page, has so far been able to purchase stationary packs for children at the Teddy Bear Clinic. We not only commend the amazing work that the @teddybearclinic is doing, but we have undertaken to lend a helping hand throughout 2021.


We would be remiss not to thank our pets and fur-babies for putting up with us during lockdown. Not all are lucky enough to be able have pets, just as some animals are not lucky enough to have a loving and safe environment. We have now paired with Kitty and Puppy Haven to help with the steep bills in keeping animals sheltered, fed and medically cared for.


From the funds raised in our Back-a-Buddy page, we made a cash donation with an additional R1 000 worth of treats and tick and flea powder to @kitpuphaven. We care for all life and wish to do our part, particularly in helping those without a voice.


With your support, Joburg Ballet can dance with confidence into a challenging future, bringing the magic of dance back to our Communities, our City and our Country.

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