Breaking Ballet

Breaking Ballet 1

No. 01

Presenting a #GOT recap, Joburg Ballet style. #winteriscoming #GOTS7

Breaking Ballet 4

No. 04

In Joburg, #loveIsLove & love is beautiful. We’re proud to present our latest #BiteSizeBallet production. #GayPride

Breaking Ballet 5

No. 05

Inspired by Queen Modjadji, Kitty Phetla performs a rain dance for the drought-stricken Western Cape.

Breaking Ballet 6

No. 06

If you were saying “KeDezemba Boss!” last month, January is probably feeling 131 days long. Payday might be just around the corner, but it sure is taking its sweet time.

Breaking Ballet - Episode 07

No. 07

On the 24th of March, millions took to the streets around the world to campaign for stricter #GunControl in America.

Breaking Ballet - Episode 08

No. 08

The incredible global success of ‘Black Panther’ has placed Africa at the epicentre of contemporary popular culture.

Breaking Ballet 2

No. 02

We're proud to present our latest Bite Size Ballet, inspired by #TheMoneyFight.

Breaking Ballet 3

No. 03

When you strike a woman, you strike a rock. We’re proud to present our latest #BiteSizeBallet

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