Breaking Ballet — No. 07

On the 24th of March, millions took to the streets around the world to campaign for stricter #GunControl in America. The #MarchForOurLives movement might be aimed at the U.S., but it got us thinking about the threat guns pose to South African youth too.

From kids accidentally shooting themselves with their parents’ guns, to the innocent victims of gang violence on the Cape Flats, the tragic reality is that these deadly weapons end far too many young lives, every day.

We know that our latest #BreakingBallet is unlikely to affect the lawmakers across the Atlantic. But we hope that it can make an impact closer to home. It reminds us that we are all role models, and that the way we behave can have a great influence on those that look up to us.

Starring the amazing duo of Thabang Mabaso and Ntando Mhlanga. #LockUpYourGuns #GunControlNow #Enough #NotOneMore #ResponsibleGunOwnership #BiteSizeBallet #MarchForOurLives #WalkForOurLives #neveragain

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