Choreographers, External Teachers and Pianist


Cost to Joburg Ballet - All costs will generally include flights, accommodation, S&T, rights for streaming and royalty fees per performance over and above the original total fee to the choreographer = anywhere from R50 000 to R120 000 per choreographer.

    The benefits of utilising Chorographers:
  • Exposing our dancers to either current international practices, or perform different genres of dance that they would not have been able to under normal circumstances.
  • Allowing Choreographers the opportunity to get to produce works on professional ballet dancers
  • Increasing Joburg Ballet’s visibility or “Footprint” and opening the possibilities to other choreographers wanting to work with Joburg Ballet
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External Teachers

Cost to Joburg Ballet: R400 per lesson 2 x per week = R3 200 per month OR R38 400 per annum

    The benefits of utilising non-Joburg Ballet, qualified teachers:
  • Dance teachers and their studios who feel they have a personal relationship with their resident professional Company not only support Joburg Ballet better but also encourage the continuation of the ballet training in their pupils as a valid Profession in South Africa.
  • Allowing for a multitude of methodologies and dance education to become accessible to the dancer, assisting them should they choose to become qualified teachers or choreographers themselves.
  • Diversifying the steps that they do in classes and improving and strengthening upon these by regular practice.


Cost to Joburg Ballet: 1 x accompanied class per week = R500 per class OR R2000 per month OR R20 100 per annum

    The benefits of using live accompaniment:
  • Inspires and encourages better musicality in our dancers.
  • Professional development in the Dancer, as well as the Pianist.
  • The gift of music gets to be enjoyed live, which is priceless!
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