Dance Footwear

1.1 Ballet pumps and accessories (Gentlemen and Ladies)

  • Canvas Sansha ballet pumps = R480 per pair
  • Grishko Dreamstretch ballet pumps = R470 per pair
  • Kryolan shoe pan = R432 (per colour)

General Lifespan of product – Men go through 1 pair of pumps once a month, ladies go through 1 pair once a year. One container of Kryolan shoe pan is enough to dye 3 to 4 pairs of pumps.

Gentlemen are issued 2 dance belts per year, 1 pair of ballet pumps per month (for ballet classes and rehearsal), as well as 3 or 4 pumps for stage productions.

Ladies are issued 1 pair of ballet pumps per year (for ballet classes). Ladies ranking from Senior corps de ballet to Principal get 6 of their pairs of their preferred pointe shoes, once every two months. Ladies ranking from Junior Corps de Ballet to Corps de Ballet get 4 of their pairs of their pointe shoes, once every two months. Ladies in the Aspirant programme (unless on sponsorship) purchase their own pointe shoes.

dance footwear

1.2 Jazz shoes

Full sole lace-up black Jazz shoes (men and women) = R485 per pair
General Lifespan of product – Luckily, we do not have many ballets where Jazz shoes are used so 1 pair roughly lasts 2 to 3 years

1.3 Pointe shoes and accessories (Ladies only)

  • Bloch pointe shoes = R864 (dancers wearing spec shoes – between R959 and R1036)
  • Grishko Nova Pro pointe shoes = R750
  • Freed pointe shoes = R897.46
  • Grishko 2007 pointe shoes = R1 100
  • Gaynor Minden Pointe shoes = R2 500
  • Ouch pouches = R250
  • Shoe elastic = R20
  • Shoe ribbon = R50
  • Shoe pancake = R170

General Lifespan of product – Pointe shoes and their accessories are very role orientated. A Principal dancer can go through 4 to 5 pairs of pointe shoes per season (10 performances) and ouch pouches can last anywhere from 6 months to a year. A junior dancer will go through a pair of pointe shoes every 1 to (at a push) 2 months. Elastics and ribbon can be transplanted from shoe to shoe, but generally last no more than 3 to 4 months.

Various techniques exist where dancers can prolong their life of pointe shoes by spraying lacquer spray and then “baking” them in an oven, whereas some practices such as pre-breaking the shoes (to produce an even lovelier looking pointed foot) or hitting them repeatedly with a hammer to ensure that the dancers are less audible (therefore more ethereal) when landing from jumps and running on stage – and all to ensure that you as an audience member have a far more pleasant theatre performance experience!!

1.4 Average shipping costs in 2021 for 3 kg’s of pointe shoes from London to South Africa (UPS preferred mode of delivery)

  • Brokerage admin charges = approx. R172 to R250
  • Disbursement fee = approx. R186 to R300
  • Customs duty = approx. R2 301 to R4 000
  • Customs Vat = approx. R1610.70 to R3 000
  • Total shipping and delivery = Anywhere between R5 227.50 to R8 744.15
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